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I picked up my new Q50 AWD Sport a few weeks ago and I've been loving it!
I wanted to write a review about my experience with the car and how awesome my car buying experience was a few weeks ago...but like most people I’ve been enjoying the holidays and the car too much and didn't get around to it! Unfortunately, over the weekend I got side swiped...and it's inspired me to write about my experiences.

I normally don't promote, review, or discuss my personal stuff online but I always enjoy reading community info and utilizing it. After reading enough info online I decided I’d contribute on my own for once. So lets start with the car review!

I ended up getting a Q50 AWD Sport, Premium, Deluxe Touring, Technology Package - With Lighting Packages - Interior ambient lighting, illuminated Kick plates, welcome lighting. MSRP-55K

There are a ton of reviews out there (I read them all before my purchase). Many of the negative reviews seem to focus on the DAS, Cabin Noise, and In-Touch System.
Here is my insight / OPINIONS on those items along with some things that weren't mentioned in other reviews that I thought were insightful for future purchasers:

If you are a long time G35/37 driver please set the right expectations! The Q50 is not G35/G37. The moment you realize that and set the right expectation you'll learn to love this car but nothing is PERFECT.

The biggest issue people seem to have is with the In- touch system and the DAS. Overall I think these are the strongest and weakest features of the car and only time and the overall markets preference will prove it.

In-Touch: Yes, It takes 60 Seconds to load up (it is after all a Intel based computer) – If you are not a technology junky and you aren’t interested in the future you are going to hate this. Just know that essential features do work right away. Some people have experienced the system freezing, and there has already been an update addressing some issues.

Unfortunately, where it stands today – most of us including myself agree Infiniti is falling short in delivering the future. Not because it can’t but because they obviously need more time for development to delver an even more polished experience and developer support. The only disappointment I have with the in-touch system is the delay in rolling out the initial suite of working apps. I am personally willing to justify and sacrifice the 60 second load times if I had the basic / advertised – apps ( Google Search, Facebook, Pandora, and iphone text support). Where it is today…we are still waiting.

I consider myself a futurists and an optimist - its obvious Infiniti’s ambitions are to embrace the new Infotainment and finally bring dynamic digital content / apps / experiences into our cars.

The debate in my eyes is really this: Are you willing to be an early adapter and deal with an occasional hiccup and 60 Seconds startup delay to give Infiniti the opportunity / time to attempt to deliver the future technology we all know is inevitable?

I am- and I think if you look at Infiniti's track record of wanting to deliver quality and technology you will also believe strongly that Infiniti’s brand is on the line and my bet is they will deliver in the meantime----you have to wait 60 seconds to SXM sports weather app (Which is the only app that seems to be supported along with the basic Infiniti stock apps)

My only other beef is with the backup / sidecameras…….I feel that they are good..but could be better.

The Direct Adaptive Steering - It's an OPTION and I love it. Yes, Its a different synthetic feel AT FIRST ..But different isn’t bad.

Its very responsive and at first can seem overly responsive until you get a handle on how direct the steering is. It’s not distractingly or majorly different - and if you drive with it for more than 2 days you will adapt very quickly to the steering set ups and learn the feelings of the new system.

Understand the advantages: Since the steering wheel is not physically connected to the steering rack you will not feel so much tire feeback / vibrations from the road.

And of course, you can manually set the steering tightness for different driving applications and preferences.

I don’t have much to more to say about this feature because I have had no bad experiences with this and I cant see how anyone could consider this a bad feature based on feeling - only if their concern is about an electronic failure which is backed up by a mechanical redundant system.

The Audio System:
If you are comparing it to G35/37 Bose ..its hands down better / clearer/ richer system. However (Someone else can confirm this )–If you listen to a lot of satellite Radio you will find that the audio volume will not get as loud when compared to an ipod source or traditional radio source. It gets loud enough for my listening needs but not as loud as it does on other sources…not sure why? Maybe compression/ signal?

Technology Package:
I always looked at all the extra technology / safety features on vehicles as uneconomical and overkill, however, if you take a test drive and experience the new technologies and features its absolutely amazing what Infiniti and other manufacturers are accomplishing.

The forward emergency breaking system, active lane departure prevention / control:
The Car will break on its own, slow your car down, and completely stop you temporarily if it senses a car is approaching, If you drift out of your lane it will correct your steering and out you back into the lane. There are a TON of hypotheticals you can imagine in the real world these benefits would apply to and I can assure you from real world simulations it works very well: If I had a daughter, drove long distances, and they continue improve this technology even more in the future I could not / would not want to live without it.

Backup collision, Blind spot warnings: these are little subtle additions that if purchased separately would make up for one big major necessity but now that I have them I would find it difficult going back to a car that doesn’t.

The bad:

I got side swiped over the weekend and I am now driving my old G and I can tell you after adjusting and going back It is not better than the Q50 PERIOD. It is a little less noisy when it comes to cabin / road noise and it has a notably different suspension and feel….but when you learn to live with all the greatness of the Q50 its not even close the Q50 wins.

My Synopsis:
Overall the Q50 has a great drive, fantastic looks, Inherit Performance, amazing safety and technology features, quality interiors, and a promising (Im optimistic) In-Touch system that I believe in time will give ma the tech apps /features I will enjoy.

And here is the best part……..when you combine at the affordability, quality, and overall features of the car: I don’t know any cars that come close. Im not talking MSRP prices …….Im talking what you WILL PAY: When comparing to other 2014 Cars in its Class

My Car Buying Experience:

Huge Shout out to Chris and Stu at Porter infiniti of Delaware: I leased a Q50S (Fully loaded with every options except spare tire) for $Mid $300’s (Per Month) With MSD’s month/12K miles/ 24 Months

I couldn't have asked for a better deal or better service. Not only did they take care of me in every which way prior and during the sale they found out through a mutual friend I got side swiped and took it one step further to offer me a demo Q50 to drive while my cars getting repaired through a partner collision center.

If you live in the Philly market and your looking for the best deal and service you gotta hit this place up. Ask for Stu or Chris Porter Infiniti Newark, DE | Serving Philadelphia Infiniti | Wilmington - You can Tell them I referred you. (Chad)

I hope this wasn’t too lengthy or redundant and gives you some additional insight into the q50!

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Good review, but please, I hope your car is not BREAKING already. Twice you said it is. Hopefully, it will not break when you brake. Oh, and it IS Infiniti, with an "I.":D

I'd be grinding my teeth if my new car were to be sideswiped. I hope they fix it so that you won't see any difference when they are done with it. Good luck.

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Sorry to hear about your car. Hope it gets fixed soon.

I too bought my car from Porter, and I concur with your praises. They are nice people who care that you are satisfied.

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I was going to try to warn you before Selzini had a chance to post but for a non-tech guy he's surprisingly fast with his posts/responses :D ;)

Great write up! Sorry you got side swiped - hope everyone is ok.

The only thing I somewhat disagree with is the noise compared to the G. Having driven a G for the past 5 years I can say my Q is definitely more quiet. Maybe your run flats need a little 'braking' in (I did that on purpose Selzini ;) )
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