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I have been very busy at work but finally found the time to test drive the car today. I don't want to go into detail about things that have been discussed here extensively - DAS, etc. However, something immediately jumped out at me that I have not heard before - I absolutely hated the center arm rest! The arm rest itself is fine but it needs to be 2" longer towards the dash board. When my elbow was on the arm rest (even at the very edge) I couldn't really grip the wheel well with that arm - it was too far even in the steering wheel's most extended position. And if I put right elbow on center console (below arm rest) and my left elbow on door's arm rest (which is higher than central console!) I find myself in completely distorted position where my right shoulder is lower than my left one. It was so uncomfortable that this can be a deal breaker for me...

Admittedly I'm no giant and somebody over 6' probably would not have this issue. However I'm 5'8" which is average height I guess and armrest in my G35 sedan fits me perfectly. I'm surprised I have not read anything about this in all of the reviews... Anybody else had a similar issue?
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