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I had to laugh when he complained that there was very little room for his 6'3", 250 pound body, in the back seat. Well, DUH! I'd like to see the size of the shoehorn he would use to get himself into the backseat of the ATS, or even the 3-Series.:D
Yes! Kind of a long review too. I know they usually start with exterior, move to interior and then onto the engine and hen a test drive but if someone doesn't have a lot of patience to sit through the first 5 minutes of this guy smushing his enormous frame into the back seat commenting on the rear leg room instead of a diet plan to lose some weight - they may miss some of the good stuff.

At least he didn't spend another 5 minutes talking about the unbelievable audacity of Infiniti to change their naming strategy. A quick mention and he moves on. . . Finally someone got that right.

All in all a pretty decent review.

I do agree that the back seats aren't as big as a 750il but a quick mention about how the Q compares to other cars in the class wouldn't have been out of line.

Sarcasm rant off . . .
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