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2019 Q50S Iridium Blue/ Graphite
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I recently went to Mexico and raced a stock C7 convertible several times. It had around 210 lbs of humanity in it and my Q50 had around 480 lbs of humanity with the passengers. Multiple low rolll on races were dead even. Whoever got the jump held the lead.

Today I was initially bummed that my Q50 basically did the same against a stock 2008 E63 AMG.He got the jump and maintained a 1/2 car lead the whole time. My Q had 650 lbs of people in it today and the E63 around 190.
I said initially bummed until I researched and that old E63 went 11.952 @ 118.32 MPH. Bone stock at ADCO.

So I’m stoked that my car is hanging with cars trapping 117-118 in the 1/4.

Mods list: Ecutek tune by RS Enthalpy, Megan lower down pipes, aluminum driveshaft, lighter, wider wheels and tires.
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