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Lurking and researching...

Let's assume I want a Q50 that is not on a local dealers lots (or within the immediate state of WA).

For example, I'd like a non-sport Q50, fully loaded in Malbec Black with the factory 19" wheels, and stone interior (with maple).

Now ... do dealers take these build to order requests?

Turnaround time 90 - 120 days?

Is a commitment from the buyer required? For example, non-refundable deposit?

Do dealers expect MSRP on a 'build to order' (even though is showing a $2800 discount off invoice for the exact build)?

I've read a few posts that a direct swap out of the RFTs to (for example) Michelin A/S 3s by the dealer can be hit and miss ... may have to pony up for new shoes?

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