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Calling all diesel owners 2.2 EU

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Hi All,

I have a 2015 diesel Q50 (UK) which has recently come up with a couple of fault codes. DIYer by the way.

P2806 - Transmission Range Sensor (No subtype info) Pretty much run the graph on the scanner, change gear position but the scanner graph stays in park. The dash lights do change but not on the scanner.

C1A24 - NP Range

So the back story on when this came about. I recently installed some audio (2 x amps) into the car and really took my time running all the cables ,properly protecting each wire ,solder , shrink wrap etc etc. This all went really well and was working really good until i took the car out for a spin.

Whilst driving you can hear the most annoying humming but really loud. Other people advised same systems having a 'humming' noise but this was really really loud when i accelerate, even when i shut down the music. This noise was still coming through. Anyway i got the car home and then noticed the traction control light came on, but no check engine lights. I ran the scanner and those 2 codes keeps coming up no matter how many times i erase the DTC. I haven't driven the car since the first day but the codes still won't go when i erase.

I checked all the fuses and visually inspected all the wires. I even took all the audio back out of the car and re-traced my steps. No Luck

The issue now is that i can't find a wiring diagram anywhere for this MB transmission to further inspect the wiring. I don't mind even changing the range sensor if it will eliminate that as an issue. I am suspecting that a bad ground from the audio may have blown a relay or something ??? I can't see why just as i was having audio issues, the transmission decides to go haywire. The diagram should help me identify the relays as well so can i try to test does in elimination.

Can anyone advise if this is the location of the range sensor and where i can locate a wiring diagram for this version Q50 D?

Any part numbers on these parts as well if available ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated at this stage as i miss my Q!!


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Hey bro found you some help. Here is the FSM link for the Q50 2.0 with the Mercedes power train. Q50/tm-transaxle_transmission.pdf

Go to this link for the entire FSM and click on Q50/Q60 and then click on the year 2016 and it has information for both 2.0 and 3.0 platforms in one FSM.
Thanks man, appreciate it . I will have a look and see what comes up !!
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