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CAN I FIT 245/45/18 in the Front

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I bought a set of 18" rims and tires for my q50 AWD. The rear is 245/45/18 and the front is 225/45/18. I was told that I can't run Staggered on the AWD but I have for a few weeks now but I dont want to cause any problems, so I bought a pair of 245/45/18 for the front. Can anyone tell me if they will fit? Putting the tire next to is hard to tell.
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Ya should fit! I think standard is 245/40/19 so to compensate with the lower wheel diameter u go 1 side wall bigger which is 45 so I think u should be good!
gbert15 is correct. I am running 245/45-18 snow tires on my Q50S AWD as they maintain the same overall diameter as stock 19" rims/tires. Some owners have had clearance issues (wheel-to-brake parts clearance) with some 18" rims, but you have been running yours already so you are good to go with the marginally wider 245 tires on those rims.
I had them installed today and they look great. Thank you both for your help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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