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Can't find my EV Odometer

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Hey everyone- new to the forum, recent lessee of a Q50 hybrid premium. The manual says that I can toggle the display next to the speedometer to show an EV odometer, but as I go through the screens, it is not coming up as an option. Anyone else having this issue? Not critical, but would be nice to know how many miles I am going EV only. Thanks!
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You have to go to inTouch settings, then Meter, then Main Menu Settings. You can turn all the other options on that are off by default
Go to Settings, Meter, Main Menu Selection (not sure exact phrase of that last one).

In there you can turn on and off what displays on the center meter display pages.

Those settings are user-dependent. They also re-set if you reboot the Intouch system and I think they reset when you get software updated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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