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Children born today may never get a drivers license - Bloomberg

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Check this out. The important part starts at 1:35 into the video.

Pine River's Kuhn Recommends Shorting Progressive: Video - Bloomberg

The Q50 is on the leading edge of Pine River's Kuhn predictions. Kuhn says driverless cars will save 1.3 trillion dollars.
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Wow what an intelligent guy.

Now I'm gonna go and let my car drive me to the gym
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Well predictions by some experts are that by 2040, 70+ percent of cars on the roads will drive themselves. This is nothing new.
Given that the 2016 S-Class is likely to be the first production vehicle that will offer such technology, its also likely that low-end vehicles such as Kia, Hyundai, Honda & Toyota will obtain that technology and make it available to its consumers by his predicted date (2025). In result, that would put majority of the vehicles on the road that will drive themselves, bringing down the necessity for premium insurance.

I see where he's coming from, but his statement about "children born today may never get a drivers license" is beyond my comprehensive ability. Is he dumb, or am I filling my head with too much hookah smoke as I listened to his talk?
Way too optimistic in his predictions... It will happen one day but in just over a decade from now, 100% of cars will be able to drive themselves and people are going to run out and spend thousands to convert their cars... NO! lol
Ya we are all supposed to be in flying cars now.

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