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Christmas Eve Issue

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So early morning on Christmas Eve, i went out to start my car. Now usually whenever i use my q50s, i always start the car up and let it run for about 10 mins before i drive.
On this day, the weather was -12. Upon starting it the car started jerking, like the engine was starting to struggle. When it came on i decided to turn it off and restart it again. When i did that, it starting jerking again except this time it was unable to turn on and it completely shut down. I tried it one more time and it jerked for a bit and came back on with an error code. After letting it warm up and trying a couple restarts to erase the code, the error code would not go away. I had also lost power to the steering where it was completely stiff.
I got the vehicle towed to my dealership. I have seen this error code before (this was the 6th time without the trouble starting the engine) and addressed it with my dealer and they said it is a software issue.


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Those screen shots are so small, I can't see what they say. Can you repost with them at normal size?
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