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HEY I am thinking about selling my coil-overs for my car i am up and down about putting them on. right now my car is on my old 22 inch rims fROrm my M37. if i lower my car i would have to put the stocks back on till i get some new twenties. which means i would have to spend more money . which i really dont feel like doing right now. that is the issue. would anyone be interested in purchasing my coils? SHOOT ME AN OFFER, no low balling please. everyone knows how much these things cost. so dont send me anything talking about 200 dollars please . lol i didnt say i was gonna donate them. lol they are bc racing coils. they are used they were on my m37 for about 9months before i sold it. so they are practically new have about 5000 miles on them.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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