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"How in the **** can Infiniti marketers expect people with a modicum of intelligence to go along with this unmitigated bullshit?"
the fatal flaw is assuming there is a modicum. I play by guilty until proven innocent when it comes to lack of intelligence.

I only have one thing to add about advertising. If in our modern age we are at our most innovative and intelligent, why then in a fully literate society does advertising continue to work? The only answer has to be that most are never taught how to read but what to read. Taught how to think not why to think.

The rest falls into place after that..

The Q50 ads pander to narcissism, especially the Factory of life spot. A Narcissist isn't a self absorbed asshat as the conventional definition, no in fact the narcissist is barely concerned with himself, his main concern is what the others will think of him.

That commercial caters to it perfectly. Individuality is being bought and sold hand over fist, "look people will see you as different if you drive the Q50, you're edgier and breaking the mold, good for you"

just my 2
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