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After all the hard numbers came out and my Austin infiniti dealer ran the numbers with my VPP C-code on the Venet ruby Q50 premium with Navi and non-leather, I couldn't justify the lease payment at that price :(

For the bare bones Q50 with about $2,500 down plus 1st payment, 39 months, 12k miles/year my payment would have been $500/month.

With the 13' G37S fully loaded I am only paying $399/month with no money down except 1st months payment at signing, for 24 months & 12k miles/yr.

I was sad at first thinking about not having that new Q50 to show off/enjoy but I know I would be bummed sacrificing all the nice standard features (seat memory, rear sonar, etc) that come in most G's that I would not have in the Q without getting the deluxe touring package.

I'm pretty excited to get the G, especially since I have not experienced the sport package before. I just couldn't justify paying $100 more a month and getting less in terms of options. I'm picking up the G37S next Saturday.

2 years will go by fast and I'm sure there will be more incentives/deals on the Q when my lease is up. Did I make the right move?? I know my wife definitely thinks I did!
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