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Doing a good job...

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I'll admit it. I'm OCD about my possessions. I take good care of the things I work really hard for. I despise door dings and check my car over any time I take it in for service.

I've had my Q50S for about two months now and took it last week to get the VentureShield installed and windows tinted by the local place referred by my Infiniti dealer.

VentureShield - I got the front bumper, front of hood, and mirrors done. The front bumper and mirrors came as a kit. The front of the hood was custom. Everything looked great but on closer inspection the installer cut the rubber that seals the seam between the hood and front bumper with a razor blade. You can see where he almost cut through it in one area. :mad: He must have done it when he was custom cutting the piece for the hood.

Tint - looked good at first but then ended up with a "bubble" in the drivers window. It looks like a small worm but feels like something was on the window or tint when it was installed. I was okay with this because I thought they would just re-do it so no bug deal. When inspecting the window I noticed the piece of black rubber trim between the window and window frame was torn in one spot and had a 1/2" x 1/32" (like it was torn off) chunk missing in another. WTF??? :mad::mad::mad:

I don't understand why people do not respect other peoples things and take care of them??? I'm taking the car back to them tomorrow and we'll see what they say. It just pisses me off because I cannot trust anyone to work on my cars without screwing them up (have had multiple other experiences with my previous vehicle).

Sorry for the rant. Do you think I should have them replace the rubber moldings they damages or am I being unrealistic?
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^ Yep, I'm the same. (well, I was with my 06 G35 coupe). With the Q50, I don't care at all. lol. I haven't washed it once. (I let he dealership do it once a month).

As far as tent goes, the bubbles will go away in a few days. Unless there are dust particles between the film and glass.

If they cut or damage or scatched anything (seal, panels etc etc). I would complain and ask for them to replace it.

But I DOUBT they will. I'm guess replacing those parts will cost a few hundred.
I have the same problem .... with my house :)

I would say mistakes happen in your case. Both should be pretty easy fixes and if you cool about it, I'm sure they will get fixed.
I can look past the rubber seam between the hood and bumper but the gouge in the window trim really pisses me off. It's been a week since the tint was done and I don't think the bubble is going away (feels like a wrinkle or hair).
I can look past the rubber seam between the hood and bumper but the gouge in the window trim really pisses me off. It's been a week since the tint was done and I don't think the bubble is going away (feels like a wrinkle or hair).
Any reputable tinter will fix that no questions asked. Probably just overlooked it.
I can look past the rubber seam between the hood and bumper but the gouge in the window trim really pisses me off. It's been a week since the tint was done and I don't think the bubble is going away (feels like a wrinkle or hair).
I would ask them to replace the rubber seam or repair it, and same goes with the window trim.
I would ask them to repair. They may do it no questions asked or try to resist. The sooner you go in after the work the better. If they do resist, keep your cool, but tactfully maintain your position. You want to keep your dealer as your friend. They can do a lot to help you both now and in the future if they like you as a customer. They remember nice, reasonable customers and they remember ones that are jerks too.

I'm a very firm believer that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
Also, sorry about your damage. I totally sympathize. I don't know why some people show so little regard for other people's property. I personally think people who habitually ding doors out of total negligence versus a true accident where they door got caught in the wind or something should receive North Korean layoffs. They are no good for society.
Thanks for the advice fellas! I chose the honey method. I talked to the install guy today and they said they don't pull the window out of the frame or anything that would have damaged the window trim. He demonstrated their technique and I agree this shouldn't have caused the damage. I told them I wanted to check with them first before I went to the dealer. They recommended having the dealer check it out and possibly replace it under warranty. If the dealer blames the tint guy (which they recommended) then at least I have a rebuttal. I showed him where the rubber was cut when he installed the VentureShield but decided it wasn't enough damage to warrant replacement. Just that I'm OCD and it bothered me. I feel better about everything and venting on this forum helped. Thanks!
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I totally understand your concern. There's no problem with being "picky" or "OCD" about a brand new car. A used car, ok, maybe you need to relax a bit, but something fresh off the dealer's lot must remain perfect for a few months at least. Nobody will blame a new car owner for being paranoid. I'm nearly 8 months into ownership and noticed a chip on the hood and it makes me cringe knowing it's there, but that's car life. I do everything else I can to avoid things like this. If the tint shop damaged my car, I'd be following the same steps. :)
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Ouch. I've seen some bad installs in my day(responsible for several in the beginning) but you have to watch out for hand cutting clear bra installers. You won't know theres a cut until the film is removed in a lot of cases. This Prius was just horrible and the dealership tapped me to replace a job done by some hack. Once I removed the film I called and had them pick up the vehicle. No way was I going to put film over this wreck and take the blame for the first guys cuts.

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Here's tips to avoid problems with installers of clear bra and tints:
1) Wash your car before and go over the car prior to tint install.
2) have your shop install pre cut clear bra so you won't have cut issues but still need thorough inspection before and after.
The two tips will save heart burns and pain later unless you are dealing with top shops.
Oh man...that sucks. I know how you feel. Hope you got it all taken care of.'t+notice++before...-picture3106-a.jpg
Speedfilm - that's a scary job on the install. Fortunately mine was a kit that they just had to apply. The only thing that was custom cut was the front of the hood where they cut the rubber. :/

Out of curiosity - how hard is it to remove the film?
It depends on how it was installed. I know the film will have to come off at some point and have adjusted the way I apply the film so mine will come off pretty easy years later. Use a heat gun to heat up an edge and then stretch the film away from the car at a 45 degree angle, that method tends to leave less glue behind. Make sure you have some adhesive remover handy because if you leave glue behind, road grit will stick to it and make it impossible to get the rest off without leaving scratches behind. I would recommend not leaving the film on any longer than five years no matter what the warranty says.

Film left on longer will be a nightmare to install, this is 3M film after 8 years.
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Yuck! Thanks for the advice!
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