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EV Mode at 80 MPH

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I've been able to enter EV mode at speeds up to 85MPH. Haven't tried any higher. I got up to 80MPH on video:

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Nice! Is there a trick to achieve that?
I haven't really 100% figured it out yet, because there are some times that the gas engine just seems to want to run...Even at low speeds and with my lithium ion over 80% charged. I found that I can be on EV only mode at around 65mph for continued periods of time and maintaining the speed, but at speeds of 75-80mph, it doesn't last very long and has to be on completely flat or even downslope in order to maintain that speed. The slightest pedal pressure at those speeds while in EV will turn the gas engine back on. But I was able to enter EV modes at that speed on a flat road by just completely releasing the gas pedal for a few seconds, then the gas engine will turn off, and I can apply extremely slight pressure to the pedal in order to maintain speed. Cruise control helps too, but it goes off EV mode more often in cruise control, and then in order to get back into EV mode I have to disengage cruise control.
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After an entire evening of testing I can share the following:
With my Q50 on flat or rolling roadways I am able to engage EV mode and maintain EV mode at speeds up to, and including, 60 mph, 61 mph, & 62 mph. At a speed of 63 mph I am unable to engage and maintain EV mode unless I am on a down grade. Engaging EV mode is possible at 63 mph, but the ability to maintain EV mode at speeds of 63 mph or greater is unlikely and short-lived, at best in my limited experience.
I cannot remember which of our colleagues mentioned this 63 mph "wall" in another thread, but I could not wait to test the theory. ;-)
Aggie, is this similar to your experience with/in EV mode
Would anyone else like to share their EV experiences?
My car will use EV mode routinely when on the highway where things are pretty flat.
If a grade is encountered the increased load on the car results in the ICE coming on

Regarding the OP, my estimation is that he was going faster, say 90 and then eases off the gas. The resulting load reduction allows the car to enter EV mode

Off topic, I am in Boston/Cambridge today and have not seen a Q50 here
I cannot remember which of our colleagues mentioned this 63 mph "wall" in another thread, but I could not wait to test the theory. ;-)
That was me. The 63mph "wall" was mentioned by our salesman during our test drive.
Aggie - on your video - can you TURN UP THE MUSIC! :eek: (that was loud in my quiet Radiologist' Office!)
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