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February 2014 Q of the Month Winner - Tarponman85

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Congratulations to Tarponman85 as our February 2014 Q of the Month

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Congrats man! Very well deserved and very sexy ride! :)
My turn!!! My turn!!
But no one else can enter so that I can win!!! And definitely not gMoney and Oreo!!!:D
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Congrats!! My turn for March :)
:D This is fun. .... Congrats, Tarponman!

Obviously I missed it when it first started.... How does this work? What's the requirement? (No worries, i'm not entering ... until late this year when we have more sun... ;) ) Meanwhile, I"ll sit back and enjoy all your/other beautiful rides/photos!

I still LOVE this car every day! :) (and I'm lucky I haven't had much issue with the car at all, probably thanks to the very mild weather at NW...) Actually, now that I'm more familiar with it's own ..personality/preference, ;), I enjoy it more... !
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Nice Congrats Will!
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