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Those of you who have been doing the survey should have gotten it today. I just completed it, and in my case, it took less than a minute, even though they said it would take about 30 minutes. The reason it took such a short time? Besides wanting to know what the odometer reading was and the average mpg, there were only two categories:

1) Have you taken your car for repair? Since I said "No," they went to the next category. I'm sure that if the answer were yes, there would have been a lot of dealer service questions.

2) The survey said there would be extensive questions regarding the use of the InTouch system. The one category they then asked about was which voice recognition features were used - there had to be around 30 of them. When I answered that I didn't use voice recognition(Maybe I will in the future, but the only time I've ever used it was when I told it to shut up about directions to my home.:p:D).

After I answered the second category, it thanked me for my participation. So, those of you who have had problems with your cars, or who use the voice recognition will surely take a lot longer. Maybe my previous answers that I don't do things like connect my phone or use BT(though I do connect my iPod) had something to do with the questions. I'd be curious as to whether other members' questions were different.

In addition, the e-mail that was sent, saying we would get the survey today, also said that we will get an e-mail next week, giving directions for receiving our "incentive." What surprised me was that it said we would be getting a W-9 form to fill out, which sounds like we'll have to claim the $100 gift card on our tax return this coming year. Sheeesh - I hope it doesn't put me up into the next tax bracket.:eek::rolleyes:
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