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Please observe the following guidelines when listing items for sale. The hope is this will result in better quality for-sale threads with quicker sales and less back and forth questions.

  • Include a clear thread title. Include “FS” (for sale), “FT” (for trade), or “WTB” (wanted to buy). Clearly state the item(s) being listed for sale.
  • Include pictures! The more, the better. It doesn’t matter if it’s a common item and we all know what it looks like. Buyers want to see pictures of your actual item for sale. No stock photos unless they are being used to supplement your actual photos.
  • Including a manufacturer or product link for the product can be helpful.
  • State if shipping and/or local pickup is available.
  • Include a price. State if that is with or without shipping.
  • If local pickup is offered, list your location.
  • State the reason for the sale.
  • State the condition of the item. Disclose any blemishes or flaws, preferably with close-up pictures. State the age / miles, if applicable.
  • Clearly state what is included and what is not (e.g., gaskets and hardware if selling a catback exhaust).
  • After the sale, it’s ok to later mark the thread as ‘Sold’ but don’t delete the original thread title and don’t delete the price. This helps others in the future know what similar items have previously sold for.
  • Additional suggestions for tires/wheels: Brand and model, size(s), tread depth, weight (if known). What’s included? Valve caps, center caps, TPMSs (with frequency), lug nuts?
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