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Frustration about Infiniti Financial Services

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I leased Q50 and got the car in the beginning of August.
To setup payment from bank account I decided to go with SignatureDIRECTPAY and as soon as I received first bill with account number I've sent signed papers back to Infiniti. Randomly checking their web site eventually saw the message "You have a SignatureDIRECTPAY of $XXX.XX already scheduled for 09/08/2013" and happily forgot about it. However few days later got a letter in mail that first payment for SignatureDIRECTPAY has been schedules for 10/08/2013 i.e. one month later. At that moment first payment was already past due! Very well I wrote check and sent it but now got a call from them about missing payment. Sigh...
I mean, seriously... you have my bank account already. What's holding IFS from using it?
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That is frustrating and shocking today that there are still issues with electronic transfers of money. I've come to rely solely on my bank now, it's not the greatest, but I only have one source that I have to deal with. I had my previous car payments set up with Lexus financial to automatically pull from my bank and a months after they sent me a notice that the car had been paid off they still pulled my monthly payment.

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I'm sure if you call customer service and tell them the situation they will be happy to help you. And it is better to do it sooner rather than later. In the end you will likely still have to pay that first payment though.
Call and complain A LOT. If there is one thing I've learnt from friends in customer service, it's the more that you complain the more likely you are to receive great customer service!
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