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Fuel injection system clean advice.

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I've been paying attention, I have a catch can installed, I plan on running a can of Techron through @31k miles ( hoping @Avedis53 or @xBlitzkriegx will chime in how much) and I changed ALL fluids at ridiculously low intervals.

Maintenance is beyond reproach, better labelled 'ludicrous.' (I'm going to ask for my own parking space at Crest when i pick up Scarlet this round...not a joke.)

AS I UNDERSTAND IT, Techron goes in the tank and cleans tank to injectors ('on the inside' and some valves. The injection clean thing feeds in the 'nostrils' for air, combustion chamber and valves.

QUESTION: Is the stuff they put in the intake to clean, sea foam, or whatever you guys recomend a reasonable/valuable thing to do on MY car, (bought new, considering the above) to maybe skip/delay the valve walnut shell clean? (Not for $194, of course. Strictly in terms of value and maintenance.)

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