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Hagane Blue Arrived

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After being in the Veneitan Red that was wrecked on a test drive. My 2012 G37 Liquid Platinum has now been replaced with 2014 Hagane Blue Prem, Leather and Nav.

Sunny and warm in Florida today 80's..... No Snow.. Amen!:)


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Nice car, nice driveway and nice house.
Life is good. Congrat!
Nice choice in color. I also have the Hagane Blue. I debated on getting the Graphite or White but I've already seen 3 white ones in my area and one Graphite. The blue is a unique color.
Looks like my parents' place in Sarasota. Then again, so do most gated communities in FL.
Nice car. My new car lasted about 5 minutes before it was covered in snow, salt and sand!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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