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Hello all!
I'm Robert and I got my new Q50 Aug. 10th and so far I must say, I love my new ride! I leased the premium pkg model w/awd. It's black/black and I had the dealer bump me up to a set of 19" rims/tires. Couldn't stand looking at the standard 17" wheels.

I've been opening her up slowly as I'm approaching the 1,000 mile mark. I only drive her in Sport mode and so far I'm loving its handling, especially tight turns. The only complaint I have is the in-touch screen bugs out on me every now and then. But the dealer showed me how to reset it without turning the car off. That and it's small trunk space (can't fit my 2 conga drums) :(

Oh my previous car was a fully loaded 2010 Maxima which I miss but not for long. Thanks for reading this!

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