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New member here - been an owner of a 2011 G37S for three years now and getting ready to re-up with a Q50S (assuming the lease incentives hang around a bit longer).

Looking forward to settling in around here. Thanks in advance for the help as I get ready to close the deal on a new Q.
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Welcome and good luck on closing the deal on the Q.
welcome to the forum. how are you going to go about getting rid of your g37 to make way for the Q50? trade it in at the dealer or sell it privately?
Thanks for the welcome!

My current G is a lease. I'll be turning it in since I imagine the $26k residual has been trashed by Infiniti keeping the G around longer and dropping the price.

Hopefully the lease loyalty sticks around for a few more months!
welcome aboard! you already ate most of the depreciation with the lease anyways. I don't lease, never have, but its my understanding that most manufacturers will give you some kind of loyalty incentive when re-leasing with them...
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