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HIGHLY recommend Pfeiffer Infiniti of Grand Rapids (MI)

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Yesterday I took delivery of a Q50 AWD base with moonroof, making this my 4th Infiniti purchased from internet sales manager Craig Ressell of Pfeiffer Infiniti of Grand Rapids.

I can't say enough great things about the salesman and the dealership. They offer no BS in negotiations, and will beat any price. Even though I live about 2 hours away from the dealer, they have always delivered the car to my door with no problems. Even though there are 3 Infiniti dealers in the Detroit area, I will continue to purchase my cars from Craig. Not all car salesmen are 'out to get you' and it is possible to have a great relationship with a dealer and brand loyalty.

Please tell Craig that Rob from Farmington Hills referred you, and you will get the best possible deal in the region.
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Good deal! Wish I had of seen this 2 weeks ago, I went to Infiniti of Ann Arbor, it was a decent experience,but there were a couple of 'shakey' moments!:mad:
I am on my third Infiniti from Pfeiffer and my salesman has always been Craig Ressell. Even if I were to at some point move out of MI, I would make it a point to return to Pfeiffer Infiniti as my experience with competing dealers has always been less than ideal to put it lightly. There is never a need to negotiate as Craig will give you the best deal from the inception. He has saved me thousands of dollars over the years I otherwise would have spent elsewhere. Pfeiffer Infiniti is a leading dealer in the Midwest by volume even though they're not located in what many would consider a major metropolitan area. They therefore know they have to work harder to win business and it shows.
I don't mind going out of my way to help great people. I'm also going to vouch for Craig as well. He's honest and a straight shooter. I'm actually from Florida but up here in Cleveland for the month. I contacted all the dealers around here and in Florida but went all the way to MI for a deal with Craig because he is everything everyone has said on here and more. I actually owe it to this board as I would have never contacted him if it wasn't for his great reviews on here.

I've purchased dozens of cars and know every aspect of the deal. It was refreshing to deal with someone that quickly recognized what I was looking for and got the deal done with out any hassles. Honestly the hardest part was picking the color. I should have everything finalized by tomorrow and have my black on black Q50 delivered by the end of the month. I am keeping my old G37 until the maturity date which is in 3 months which is why I am not picking up the Q50 asap lol. I'll follow up with pictures when I get it...Just FYI for everyone: Internet sales mangers such as Craig have much more wiggle room then the guys on the floor when it comes to price. Save yourself money, time, and hassle and just go see Craig.
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One more vote for Craig. I actually decided on my Q50 over BMW because of Craig. He is a true professional.
Based on all the reviews I contacted Craig today and made an appt. to see him in 3 years! :D
thanks for posting this, it always helps to know a good dealer to go to, i know some people down in the D that will appreciate this. I'll make sure to tell them and to put a face to this name :D
Glad to see others posting their appreciation as well. Hopefully potential buyers in the metro Detroit area give him a chance before they overpay.
I'm getting the Q50 a week early! Craig will have it delivered on a flat bed Sunday. I have to reiterate how highly I recommend this guy. If the lease numbers are good in December he's earning my business on a second Q50 for my mother at end of the year...and get this he's already trying to do a dealer trade on her exact 1st choice color combo since his dealership doesn't have it in stock just to have it ready in case!
Does Craig only handles Customers from areas nearby or can he handle Florida customers as well :) ?
Craig should be able to handle customers from all over. Just shoot him an email or give him a call.
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