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Good question...

Nissan/Infiniti has signed on to Apple's "iOS in the car" project. The when is anyone's guess but, I did read an article that said it wouldn't be in the 2014 Q50.

Fact is, Honda has a more mature and well developed telematics system than Infiniti has. I was looking through the voice commands in the inTouch manual and couldn't believe the lack of voice commands for the climate control. You can turn it on and off and adjust temperature with voice commands and that's it. My 2004 TL had several more voice commands for the climate control - basically you could control all functions through voice commands.

In digging around the screens, I've concluded that Denso is the supplier of the system Infiniti is using. I did some Internet searching and I believe inTouch is a variation of or based on Denso's Arpeggio software. Do a search on Denso Arpeggio and look at the results, the description of the functionality and the screens presented, sure look a lot like inTouch. I have yet to find any information to indicate Arpeggio has met its targeted release date and that may be tied in to why inTouch hasn't either.
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