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The Q50 begins a bit of a new era for Infiniti. yes, it’s a mid-sized luxury sedan so technically it’s the replacement for the aging G37. But that “Q” before the “5-0” marks it as the first Infiniti vehicle to fall under the brand’s new nomenclature, which they revealed, somewhat shockingly, in the weeks before the 2013 Northern International Auto Show.

Yes, we’ve seen “Q” models from Infiniti before, but they were mostly trucks, while the cars wore M, I and G on their trunklids. Having said that, the brand’s first-ever model was a sedan called Q45 and so this is a bit of a full circle situation.
It may seem a little confusing at first, but numbers are infinite (no pun intended, of course) and letters are not, so Infiniti says it will actually be easier to classify their cars under the new nomenclature –no longer are the numbers going to be representative of engine displacements as they once were; indeed, with hybrids and turbocharging, engines with smaller displacements could actually make more power that bigger motors and so ranking them this way makes little sense.
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