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So go get the idiot who wrote that manual and whine to him. I just adjusted the clocks in 100 freaking cars. I really don't feel bad for you. I had to start 100 cars and adjust their clocks. And any G, EX, FX, M (any Infiniti other than a QX60 or Q50) has an analog clock as well.

Actually, I think you should return the car and ask for your money back because it doesn't do what your manual says it should. And it totally sucks compared to your cheapo 2007 car.

Thanks for your valuable input to this forum.
Thank god all dealers aren't as "useful" as you are, becuase I'd tell people to go elsewhere. I merely stated I was dosappointed, not that the car was a pos. And like it or not, the manual is from the manufacturer - which in caer you are unsure is Infiniti.
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