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So I decided to swap my stock exhaust on my 18' Hybrid for the Rev9 Setup (Link here) Rev9 Kit .

So far after about a month I'm pretty impressed with it. The sound got louder over time and its pretty quiet in the cabin. Some videos below of Pre-Post Cold start sound and some in car video.

I was concerned with the sound of it with the constant engine starts and stops but honestly it is very minor and not super noticeable but it is hilarious when it pops on in a parking lot and people get startled. The exhaust is loudest at 3-5k RPM and its quite noticeable when you are at full throttle, its a pleasant tone not ear rape but enough to let folks know that you're there.

On the highway the drone is very much nearly nonexistent and only really present if the rpms are very low (40-50mph) but its super quiet. If you step on it you can clearly hear it as I showed in the video but after a month its way louder - I'll do another video tomorrow but its super clear in the cabin now.

Side note: I had this installed at my local muffler shop for 30 mins of labor (Roughly 50$)

Let me know if you guys have any questions or want more audio on it but so far for $385 Kit I'm extremely impressed!

Videos here: Stock Cold start Rev9 Cold Start In Cabin/Drone Warm Idle
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