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I was at the dealer today, 2015 AWD, 3.7 NAV mint low miles no accidents, key fobs and TPMS system not working, here's the story from a few months back, I had also replaced the car battery.
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With Covid, limited dealer hours, the holidays etc., finally made an appointment at the dealer to have it checked.
They ran the diagnostics and said that the BCM needed to be replaced, $1000 CDN plus labor for configuration.

They said it was likely a short caused by the aftermarket remote starter (it still works perfectly) but wouldn't confirm or check the wiring. They also said that if I removed the starter and wiring, there is a very slim chance that my existing BCM could be reconfigured without replacing, about $200 to try.

Wife likes the starter, it's cold here in winter, I will get the wiring checked, scares me that the next one could also also get destroyed if that is in fact the cause.

I'll get the part number off my BCM, they appear to be about half the price online (new OEM). I've also seen used ones advertised for even much less?
If I buy it on line, can anyone other than the dealer configure it? Is it worth even considering a used one?

Many thanks in advance,
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