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I am driving my Q50 Premium AWD (no tech. package, regular steering) since December 2013 through the North-East winter. Here are some of my impressions:
- This is my 5th Infiniti, and I am happy that I had absolutely zero problems with the car. All my previous Infinitis (and a few Nissans we owned) were trouble – free.
- Q50 is noticeably quieter than my previous M37x, the wind noise is much less obtrusive
- Transmission exhibits less lug and hesitation to downshift then before
- Snow traction with the stock 17” RFTs exceeded my expectations – the car is very stable, much less “tail-happy” than G35x I had earlier, and as good as M37x.
What Infiniti should learn from others, particularly, from Nissan:
- Navigation did not change much since 2011 M37x. The map is refreshing like a slide show – every 1 sec. or so. My wife’s 2013 Juke map flows smoothly. Also, Infiniti does not display names for many crossing streets while Juke’s system names ALL of them as the intersection approaches. Lastly, Juke shows street as bands with visible width and borders instead of just thin lines like Infiniti does. It just looks better. Both systems use SD cards. Infiniti 2014 system looks like generation older than 2013 Juke’s!
- While on business trip, I rented a 2013 Altima. It had the same style remote key fob as Infiniti. When the trunk unlock key is pressed, Altima’s trunk lid is lifted enough to load your bags, not just popped up like Infiniti’s.
- Rockford Fosgate audio in Juke sounds better than Bose in Infiniti – if you like your music bright and “spicy” like I do. If you just live your tone controls in the middle, there is no much difference.
- Auto-dimming mirror does not dim enough – headlights of the SUVs behind you are still blinding. The mirror in my earlier M-B C300 was much dimmer, with pleasant blue-green tint when dimmed.
What is absolutely not acceptable:
- Delay of about 80 sec. after start before the backup camera’s predictive lines are displayed. This issue does not exist in cars with Around View system, and should be an easy change of booting sequence of the system. I contacted Infiniti Consumer Affairs about the problem, and they opened a case. No information about when the fix will be available was provided.
- Absence of the promised apps – I am interested in Email, Calendar, and Google search mostly. Especially since some of the apps are already available in other markets!
Sorry for the long rant…

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Agree with your points:
* 8 months passed and still no apps...
* Comparing with Waze on iPhone internal GPS is a total joke.
* I believe Infiniti Consumer Affairs exist only to calm down owners.
They don't have insider information and can't address technical issues of the car.
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