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Infiniti Connection Down

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I just spent three hours with my client going back and forward from service to the Infiniti Connection line trying to connect my client's car to Infiniti Connection. It wasn't until it finally connected that they told me Connection is having updates all day today and won't allow the use of location. So if anyone is having issues with this today, Infiniti Connection is supposed to be down at least until this evening. Hope this isn't that big of an inconvenience to anyone.
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Thanks for the update. They should have sent out an email or something to users to let us know at least.
Ya I agree, I spent three hours talking to them and my service department and it took them that long to tell me they were doing an update. I'm not sure it was an expected update, I think the server may just be down.
Thank you soo much for that tidbit of info, will no doubt save us some time wasted at the dealership. Very good to know and very much appreciated.
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No problem.
It is all back up and running for those that are wondering!
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