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Said to be previewed in the Infiniti Emerg_e concept car, Infiniti’s next generation G Series sedan scooted by our spy photographer’s camera today looking much like other products from the brand.

Totally draped in black-and-white vinyl wrapping, familiar lines and body shape show through, suggesting Nissan global design chief Shiro Nakamura’s previous statements about the Emerge_E might have been talking about the new car’s cabin.

The all-new car is likely to source some if not all its engines from Mercedes given Renault-Nissan’s co-operation with the brand, which might not sit well with its loyalists. Nissan is well known for its VQ six-cylinder engine and a departure from its power and melodic chortle could be disruptive.

A sedan will debut first, probably in 2013, but coupe and convertible versions will follow to replace the brand’s current range.

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