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Did you get it to work? I'm having the same issue. diagnosis screen is showing red, and the radio works, and as soon as I start the car, diagnosis screen shows green for bose amp.
Nah I actually traded the car in about month after I posted this but I’d suggest taking it to a sound shop to have them do testing on it best of luck to you

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I have a 2014 Q50 and my screen says audio off , I have no sound and did diagnosis and amp light is red but radio antenna and head unit have no light on there just blank any help would be appreciated
Check fuses first:

#1 (10A)
#3 (15A)
#5 (15A)
#7 (15A)
#11 (5A)
#14 (5A)

All of those fuses are in the fuse box located in the driver's side footwell.

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