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Got my updates performed on 2/7/2014. It took 3 hours for all the updates.

Although I tried to get more information about what problems these updates solve, my dealer was only able to give me copies of the service campaign bulletins that cover service/update instruction. I skimmed these instructions to see if there was any additional information worth noting. Based on this limited info, here is what I can report.

========== Campaign ID # P4202 dated Jan 27, 2014
Applied Vehicles: 2014 Q50 (V37) & 2014 Q50 Hybrid (V37)
Voluntary Service Campaign 2014 Q50; Direct Adaptive Steering Reprogram and Recalibrate.
  • There are four bulletins with different campaign ID numbers for this campaign.
  • Each bulletin is applicable to specific vehicles depending on the vehicle options

My service tech told me that after the update, the part number for the DAS unit changed (no software revision level - just part number change).

The instructions also cover a step that checks the DAS unit. Under certain circumstances, the update will tell the service tech whether the DAS units need to be replaced (pg 12/27)

========== Campaign ID # P4205 dated Jan 24, 2014
Applied Vehicles: 2014 Q50 (V37) & 2014 Q50 Hybrid (V37)
Voluntary Service Campaign 2014 Q50 Infiniti InTouch Software Update
  • There are two bulletins with different campaign ID number for this campaign.
  • Each bulletin is applicable to specific vehicles depending on vehicle options.

My update consisted of 6 parts
  • Perform Software Update for Display APL
  • Perform Software Update for Other InTouch Systems
  • Verify Software Update
  • Delete Unit Connection Log
  • Reset App Data and Settings
  • Refresh SiriusXM Radio

It is important to note that the software revision level did NOT change after the update. Instead, specific modules that ONLY show on the diagnostics screen will show updated versions.

These new module version appear to be as follows:
  • ATOM SW Version ==> 0000050E
  • SH SW Version ==> 0408
  • OS ==> 62.062F
  • Bios SW Version ==> 030400000200
  • Navi Software Version ==> 109
  • Audio SW ==> 000191
  • 2nd Display SW ==> xxx024

I did not check to see if these updates show on my diagnostics screen. Nor am I going to publish 'back door' process to see the diagnostic screens in this post. You can do some real serious damage to your car if you push the wrong button in the diagnostics screens. Unless you are an expert, stay away from the diagnostic screens.

I am only publishing the list above so readers can get an understanding of what intouch software modules received updates.

There is a section related to "Reason for Software Update". Here are the important parts
  • Improved iPod USB cable connectivity
  • Enhanced SirusXM functionality
  • Faster steering wheel volume control response
"Infiniti is still diligently working on Infiniti InToiuch Apps(tm). When the new feature will be available has not been determined. However, infiniti will provide more information when it is available. The patience of all our valued customers is greatly appreciated while we give this matter our full and utmost attention."
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Thanks. This is good information to have. I'll get mine done the next time I am in for service.

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Got mine updated. Work great so far. DAS wheel respond seem to be slightly improved.
Now, if they can add another steering weight somewhere between heavy and standard, I will be very happy.
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