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The FedEx envelope was at my door this morning. When I opened it, it gave me a good laugh. The following is the complete text of the letter that came with the gift card:

Dear Infiniti Q50 Participant,

J.D. Power and Kia would like to sincerely thank you for your participation in the Kia Sorento Customer Evaluation.

Included, please find your $100 incentive for your participation. We appreciate your support of our study, as your opinions will help Infiniti improve the Q50. Once again, thank you for sharing your feedback!

Maybe the personnel there had been having too much holiday cheer when they were sending out the cards.:D

Oh, one more thing(and it's American Express' rules). The paper that came with the card says, "This card has NO FEES AFTER PURCHASE." The capital letters are their's. Yet, on the small card it is attached to, it says that there is a $3.95 Purchase Charge. I love how companies play with words.:(
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