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Leak spotted - anyone able to identify what this is?

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Hey folks, was just looking around the engine bay of my 2019 Q50 3.0t, the car has 52k miles on it. Spotted this tube with something leaking from it. Any idea what this part is? It's located on the passenger side, upper left side under the engine cover.

Update: after further research this seems to be the vacuum pump. Anyone know if this is covered under powertrain warranty?

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Video: IMG_2629

Appreciate the help!
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Thanks! Seems like I should get this taken a look at ASAP then. My basic warranty actually ends on the 22nd, It's a long weekend here in Canada so I originally had an appointment on the 23rd with the dealership to replace my tires. Hoping they could address this as well and still claim it under warranty..
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So it's leaking...vacuum?
Feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken, from my limited understanding, the pump itself gets lubricated with oil, I’m not sure how it all functions though

For the ‘leak’, besides whats in the picture, there are also 2 hoses coming out of the vacuum pump itself and they seem to be a bit oily too. Although the things underneath the oily pieces seem to be dry.

It doesn’t seem to affect drivability thus far but I wonder if its safe to drive as I have a 200 mile journey back home in a couple of days.
Hey folks just an update on this. My dealership mentioned this is not an issue, I’m a bit skeptical, there is no leak but the hose behind it is moist.
Anyone had an experience with this?
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