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Lease calculator - with MSD calculation!

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Just made this... took me couple hours. Let me know what needs to be added/fixed

FWIW, I didn't know a single thing about lease until last night. learned what I could overnight and here I am with a calculator for the hypothetical lease numbers...

I will be tweaking this for you guys. I hope it calculates correct and is helpful.

Lease Calculator
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Guys, this is pretty much done now. Very accurate. Putting all my information down from my lease agreement came in accurate to a penny.

Put in all your numbers and enjoy. Great to bring to the dealer and plug the numbers in so you can present what you want with the solid numbers.
The link is not working. I work at a dealership and I want to see how accurate it is so that maybe I can send it out to my clients!!!
I just tried the link and it worked just fine. If I have time I will repost.
Download worked for me. Sadly, my ancient work PC doesn't open xlsx files. Will spreadsheet work if you save it in old xls format? If so, please post a backwards compatible version if you have time. Yes, I tried installing the compatibility download, that failed too.
I tried this calculator but I just couldn't get the numbers to work out right. Your input fields don't exactly line up with Infiniti's Signature Lease form (for the state of Massachusetts).

For example, shouldn't the "Adjusted Cap" field on your form be for the user to input a value? Otherwise, how does it know how much I'm putting down up front?

Also, your "Residual" field is expressed in terms of %. However, Residual Value on my lease form is expressed in $. The work around is for the user to do some math to arrive at the correct %.

Anyway, would like some tips on how to use this valuable tool.
Found this MSD calculator:

Lease Calculator ? Leasehackr

Choose "Infiniti" from the dropdown and it seems to work!

Hope this helps.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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