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Lease deal on Q50 sport

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I'm looking to lease a Q50 Sport w/AWD, Nav and spare tire. Visited 2 dealers near me in NJ and called a dealer in nearby NYS, spoke to their internet person , and got the best deal. I have 2 mos. remaining on a Mercedes leased C350.
Here is the deal: They will pay the 2 mos. remaining on the MB. MSRP is 47,505. Selling price 44,900. 39 mo lease, 10K/yr. 520/mo. incl tax. Up front 1st mo plus reg,doc =total 1107. Does this deal sound reasonable?
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Sounds in the ballpark.
See if your dealer allows MSD's.
Apparently this varies by state.
It will let you buy down the interest rate (money rate) which helps with the monthly payments

There was 1K cash on a lease from infiniti for non infiniti owners, and 3250 for infiniti owners.
Not sure if it's still going on.
Edmunds has the infiniti rebates going on.
Infiniti Incentives and Rebates
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