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Ok, having had 2 days to drive a stripped down Q50 premium AWD (no nav, no leather, no option packages) I wanted to share a a few quick thoughts.probably no amazing revelations but I've been waiting so long I figured I'd share some thoughts.

First the good:
Really enjoyable car to drive
Funny as it feels so familiar in terms of the engine and speed (coming from a G37) but much more refined in terms of transmission and ride. We'll see how the sport with RFT fares once I get my long awaited Q
I really like the standard steering. Compared to my experience with the DAS in test drives, I would have liked the option to stick with this steering type but I know some of the tech features wouldn't be available so I will adapt.
Car SEEMS much bigger - especially the back seat view when looking from the driver's seat. However it doesn't FEEL bigger in terms of handling. Not quite as crisp as my G37 but a great balance.
As others have said, the Q feels like an M and a G had a baby. The really nailed the lux-sport goal IMHO.
Glad I didn't go with the M as I was getting so tired of the crappy LCD screen between the tach and speedo. The Q's is so much nicer.
Fake leather, although not my choice, really is not bad at all. I don't think I would have given it a second thought if I hadn't noticed how stripped down the car is in terms if options.
Headlights - love the headlights!
Handling is taut and this thing is fun to throw into corners. It may not feel like it right away but once you get the confidence that things will hold, it really tempts you to push the limits. Again, the luxury side masks the sporty DNA but its there when you want/need it.
Major difference in fun factor between std and sport mode for the transmission. Only changes the shift points (i.e. not the shocks, etc) but it feels like a different car. I can see mileage taking a hit but a lot more fun to drive in Sport mode for sure.
Still like the dash and interior materials. Nice upgrade to the G. This car has aluminum. While I REALLY like this type and look, it's not for me. I had to make sure to show my wife the wood interior at the dealership and she was glad I did.
I had forgotten just how big the nav and touch screen were from my test drives. They really feel substantial - and they should as they are the centerpiece of the dash and controls. They are integrated so nicely into the center stack unlike my complaints about he small MB screen and the afterthought of the 3 series and C class 'slapped on' nav screens.
Voice control to go to specific nav channels and ipod songs was pretty good. Nice to be able to name a song and have it play with decent accuracy.
You get a lot more satellite data in the lower screen, I'm used to 15 letter limits on my G and even worse on the Lexus.

Areas for improvement (aka the not so good):
I will start by saying that almost all of my areas of negativity stem from the well lamented in-touch issues and the lack of options packages on this particular car. I would hope/expect most in-touch issues to be resolved in the upgrade due shortly.

In-Touch: well, let me say it definitely needs some work. No lockups and I will try not to repeat too many things that are well documented (and validated by Infiniti so likely on their fix list for the fall upgrade) but I'm sure none of this will be new to folks already in their Q's.

Steering volume control is lagalicious! Expecting that fix.
I noticed extremely slow and/or inconsistent operation of the steering wheel button for things like channel up/down. Sometimes I would hear a confirmation beep but the channel wouldn't change. Other times I wouldn't. Sometimes the channels wouldn't change at all, sometimes it would fast change and I would be 10 stations away from where I wanted to be.
FF/RWD exhibited the same behavior with my iPhone connected. My G was similar in terms of lag - I think that's Apple related - but I felt like the dash control was not consistent and I had a hard time finding specific places in songs. So much so, I just gave up.
No grid lines in the backup camera - even after the car was on for well over 30 seconds (I know I wasn't going to repeat known issues but couldn't help it :) )
Thigh support in the non-sport was just a tad lacking. The seats were very comfortable otherwise but I'm glad I went with the sport model for the extendable thigh support. Felt the same way in my G as well.
Fingerprints. . . Eh, what are you gonna do ;) it's a touchscreen, it's gonna get fingerprints. They are just so visible since the touch screen is so prominent.
Voice control for iPhone/iPod was good but not great. I think it is more likely me getting used to the system but it switched to AM radio quite often during my tests.
Gotta turn off album art - slows the system down considerably right now. Hoping they fix this in the update.
The trunk is very shallow with the spare tire. So much so that I get the feeling that the G trunk's measurements were with the spare tire since they were required with no RFT and the Q50 measurements of the trunk are before the spare tire package since its not required. I can't see how they are the same size if you have the spare tire package.
Controls - well, having just seen the MT video where the tester complained about too many controls i.e. dial, touch and buttons - I have to say that I agree. . . To a point. For a test drive or new driver, the controls can be confusing. Sometimes the dial operates audio but never on the lower screen. Once I get used to everything, I'm sure I will get my groove on and will know how everything works and how to take advantage of each input type, but for now it's a bit confusing. I am a self proclaimed tech guy so it's not a lack of knowledge or a fear about the system. I just have to learn how to maximize how I would use it for what I do most in the most efficient way. That will happen, I have no doubt, just figured I would mention it due to the recent review video where it was pointed out.
'Fast' scrolling through song title, albums, artists, etc. needs some work. I loved the way you could spin the dial I the G and it would jump to the different letters in the alphabet very quickly. I hope this is something they improve over time with updates.
Rearview camera resolution is pretty bad. I think they used the same camera as the one in the G but the screen is 1" bigger and it shows the lower resolution camera much more. I'm hoping the around view split screen helps with that.

Overall impressions of the car:

Love it, can't wait for mine!!

Great blend of sport and a bit of luxury

If you are thinking abut getting the Q50 without nav, I would strongly urge you to drive one without it for a long test drive. While I understand the cost issue and the viewpoint that phones can be a better, more updated option, the top screen is a complete waste without it IMHO. THere are very few viewing options without nav and none are great. Even the audio view doesn't show some info like the lower screen does i.e. the time in a song. It just doesn't feel as integrated. Only my opinion but I would think long and hard about it if I were considering no nav package.

Once the in-touch gets tweaked I think it will be great. Now some of the functional things, along with reported freezes, etc. make it less so. I am still looking forward to using it in its current form though - even with the bugs. That would not keep me from buying the car today.

I am REALLY looking forward to getting my hands on the tech package upgrades. I found myself missing some of those useful items already.

I will come back and edit, or just create a new post, once I get my sport AWD with nav, deluxe touring and tech packages. I'm sure it will elevate the experience even more.


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A little late I know, I was hoping to do one weeks ago but it's hard to do without a car ;)
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