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Here's the detail on my current lease. I couldn't be happier with what I got and I'd like to share my experience with you all and help out if needed.

So after 5 days of haggling between 3 dealers, Park Place, Cerritos, and Orange Coast, I finally pull the plug and went with Orange Coast as they gave me the best deal out of all.

Q50 Hybrid with Deluxe package
MSRP $51,255
Invoice $47,460
Cap Cost $43,900 after adding all dealer fees and subtracting loyalty
Down payment $500
12,000 miles year
Money factor 0.00115
Residual 62% $31,778
Monthly payment of $430
9 MSDs @$400 total $3600 brings the MF to 0.00055 instead of 0.00025
dealer said that 1MSD counts as 0.00005 instead of 0.0001 (I think this is where they screw me but I was tired of haggling and let them have it)
brings my payment to $383 tax included @8.1%

Overall, I am super happy with the deal I got and I couldn't thank all of you much.

I'm totally in love with the car and looking for every opportunity to go out and play with it.

I will post picture soon as I had to drive 350 miles back from LA to Vegas and the car has gotten bug squashes everywhere even though I asked the dealer to wax the front of the car for me.

PS: One thing I wanted to point out, and by all means I'm not bashing any dealer or saying anything bad but this was my experience.

In that 5 days of dealing with those dealers, I wanted to buy from Cerritos since I had been talking to Ryan and Marc and they have been super helpful.
I had my appointment with Marc for sunday morning 10am, that's when the dealer opens, I get there, call Marc and no answer, I text him and I get a reply saying he won't be there till noon. No problem I'll wait for you.
Meanwhile, another sales man showed me a few cars and I did take 2 test drive, service is top notch. When it comes to my exact car I had requested, they don't have it but instead they have one with no deluxe and another with sport deluxe.
I politely declined and said that I'll take the car I came for but I was ignored instead peer pressured to buy the higher sport deluxe, which I did like and no big deal i'll take it. From my calculations and numbers, payments for the sport would be $30 more but instead the dealer quoted me at $512 a month.
Again I declined the offer and told them I'd like to buy the car I came for, again no response, I left the dealer and straight went to Orange Coast, where they had the car ready for me and I was in and out in 1 hour.

Cerritos wasted 350 miles on me plus 2 hours of my time at the dealer and still couldn't give me the car I was promised. They had no record of me even talking numbers about the car.

I'm sure they are a good dealer but If I'm ever in CA and want to buy a car, I will be going to Orange Coast.

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Congratulations!! . That's an awesome deal. I have never heard about 0.00005 per MSD . Which means that have taken security deposit for max allowed MSDs (9) but still gave you lower money factor. But even with that the over all deal really looks good. Looks like you were really able to bring down the sale price of the car.
Anyways enjoy your new ride and post some pictures
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