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My First Impressions of Infiniti Q50S and Q50S Hybrid

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Got to test drive the Infiniti Q50S AWD and Q50S Hybrid AWD today.

Exterior: I thought the car has amazing presence. The BMW dealer was next door and this car looks more mean and more expensive than the 3-Series for sure. When it got dark, the salesman showed me the eye brow headlights which looked amazing. Pictures just don't do this car justice.

Interior: The interior had a huge wow factor over my 2007 G35x. Every surface looked and felt like it was very HIGH quality. Nothing felt cheap and the interior made the car look like a more expensive car than it was.
I can't emphasize how much classier and more high end the car looks compared to the G35/G37 on the inside.

Technology/Driving: The salesman made it a point to show off the DAS steering. I thought the lag on the lower screen was pretty bad. The difference between the DAS settings was instant and it was pretty shocking. On the heaviest/quickest setting, the car turned on a dime which was way too fast for me. I preferred the standard/standard setting. The steering didn't have the best feeling but it made the car handle amazingly. I prefer the feel in my G35X but I think the DAS system was more direct and faster for sure. It made the Q50 feel like it was set on train rails.

The driving assistance systems were pretty amazing too. Stopping the car and nudging the car back into the lane. I can see myself using it in every day commutes.

The gas-only model felt miles smoother than the G35/G37. There is this smooth surge of power. The suspension was less stiff too. I think the car lost a lot of sport compared to the G35/G37 though. It is definitely more refined less dressed down. The hybrid model was a complete rocket. The torque was out of this world and shot the car 0-60 so fast. I've never felt anything quite like it honestly.
The brakes on the hybrid were very grabby though. The hybrid system was seamless in switching from EV to engine as well.

In the end, I am sold on the hybrid model. Currently dealing with the dealer on a fully optioned Q50S Hybrid AWD in Graphite Shadow.
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I think you hit all the high points pretty well. Saw another one of these yesterday, in white with a paper tag, and I had to honk and give the dude a thumbs up.
I can't emphasize how much classier and more high end the car looks compared to the G35/G37 on the inside.

After I was able to attend a dealership training session before the car came out, I posted my impressions here. One of them said the same basic thing. I always loved the interior of my 2007 G, but when I got in the car to drive home, it looked bland after seeing the Q.

As far as the brakes are concerned, I guess I'm in the minority here. I have had no issue at all with them. Maybe it's because I let the car "engine brake" more often when approaching a stop? Whatever the reason, I think they're fine. (By the way, when I traded in my G, with 41,000 miles, my original brakes were still in very good condition, not even close to needing replacement).

Nice summary.

Brakes, to me, take a while to used to sometimes, especially if it's a new car and Nissan/Infiniti is well known for their strong brakes.

After a while, your foot gets so used to the braking feel and response to another car. The acclimation process for a new car's braking takes a good 3-4 days.
You highlighted all the items that sold me on my Q. But, at 500 miles, I'm still having trouble braking smoothly. I do a lot of driving in rush hour (not) traffic. So, I'm off and on the brakes a lot, at various speeds and differing braking scenarios. It's just tough for me to brake smoothly - light pressure feels about right, then the car downshifts and really slows down (I've tried all drive mode settings). Just not smoothly controllable. But don't misread - still easy to safely brake the car.
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