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My q50s rims were stolen today.

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Hey guys,

For anyone looking into getting the Q50S .. Make sure you get wheel locks, I suggest 2 different sets.

I woke up to this saturday morning...Such a **** shame. The car was 1 week old.

If anyone has ANY information about any of this... Please let me know..

Not like we can do anything anyways... but finding out who did it at this point is all I care about.

My Email: [email protected]


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Yeah man, banged up the fender. The rock tore up the floor panel and the brake pads are cooked.
Omg no

I'll be sleeping inside the car with baseball bat

I hope every thing works out bro .
Holy crap.

My dealer pre-installed my wheel locks. I just picked up this exact car. I didn't need to see this. :(

****. I'm always keeping mine locked up in my garage.

Where do you live, my friend?
So sorry, dude! That totally sucks! I wanted to get the wheel locks when I bought mine, but the dealer said they didn't have them in yet. Like you said though, not sure the wheel locks would deter a determined thief.
Just lock it up inside a garage, or in your driveway. Get 2 different sets of wheel locks, if you don't already install cameras at your house. Otherwise, don't live in fear man. Fck these people. Karma is crazy.

Insurance is gonna cover it all. I'm just worried my paint isn't going to be PERFECT. PLUS, I only had the car for a **** week. Can't even enjoy things nowadays.

Congrats on the new ride though, bro. Enjoy!
Keep an eye on Craigslist and EBay.
Look @ this ****..... Bronx, NY. Posted yesterday... Claims their his brothers... He put them on his accord to see how they looked. He's selling 2k, I asked him why so cheap and his response was BS. I emailed the DT's on the case, can't do much either. He could just say he got them from someone else.

For sale q50 s rims
I live on Staten Island btw.... My neighborhood isn't even bad.

Could be someone who knew I got it and wanted to take them...

Detective said theres a "pattern" of events going on...BS.
**** man, more than likely those wheels are yours too. doubt theres any way to prove that they are yours unless you had the serial numbers written down somewhere
Please find who did this and recruit a crew for some justice.

Those pictures made me sad.

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I'm having flashbacks of how my rims off my 2007 Ford Fusion got stolen not 2 months after I had it.

But that was in Detroit and it was before we had put up a fence and had wheel locks on the car. There's a huge rim-stealing ring in Detroit, especially for Ford rims.
Wow! That sucks bro! Of all the low life things to do! :mad: I can say though that wheel locks wouldnt really help much! If the thief is desperate, they will find a way ti take it off! Either way though I feel for u man! I hope these [email protected][email protected]$ get caught!
I appreciate you man, thanks.

Just wanted to post it to let others know. Hopefully this will make them more aware of their surroundings and try to protect their new ride.
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If this happened in NY, then this really must be difficult---as I understand it, in NY, very few people even have cars let alone garages to keep their cars safe(r) in.
Man, I am pissed off just reading that. I hope the insurance takes care of it including new rims. But this just sucks. The people are low lifes.
Can't their be a serial code or something that matches up to your car??
That's what I'm saying... the rims must have something that differentiates each vehicle. Idk though. Insurance is gonna cover everything but I HOPE they cover the break pads too because.... well, those a ruined as well. They left my car on the floor like it was trash. Cruel world.
This just makes me get enraged. I'm so pissed just thing about it. Fking low life good for nothing thugs that should be wiped off the planet.

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