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Living between two major I-95 tolls (DE state line, and Susquehanna River) I am a major toll avoider. Of course, I could set up the navi to avoid all tolls, but that is often inconvenient. I'll explain.

The Susquehanna River toll is $8 NB, free SB. The parallel bridge on nearby Rt 40 is the same, except that one can purchase a $20/year (unlimited use) EZ-pass rate. So, both ways have a toll but one is negligible in comparison. Avoiding both tolls is an impractical detour.

I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to set up the navi, in the Q50 (and my Lexus, as they are familial) to take the cheaper toll.

Recently I discovered the Avoid Area option. I thought of placing the NB I-95 toll booth as an avoid area, but it hasn't worked. Then I thought of placing several avoid areas in that portion, but they too are ignored.

Has anyone successfully set up an Avoid area? If so, was there some special way? Can someone suggest another method for taking a cheaper toll?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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