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Hey everyone just wanted to shine a light on the new injector option out on the market. While AMS phased out kdis they introduced a revise version of nostrum injector and is currently selling stage 1 injectors for what appears to be the best price on the market

These AMS Performance stage 1 injectors are definitely the perfect injector options for any sort of stock motor Q50/Q60! Be that stock turbo or upgraded turbos. There are people running 10.3-10.4 on these injectors while maintaining factory characteristics such as flow pattern, etc at the best price on the market! Definitely a must have for anyone who’s looking to run ethanol reliably in a Q50/60. Super easy to tune (no tuner should have an issue with these). Also from what I heard their smoke rating is close to none 🫣 a product that’s extremely hard to beat for a daily driver that goes down the track once in a while

If you want to order a set simply follow the link:

Ams current has them in stock ready to go! If you have any questions feel free to dm me!
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