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The Infiniti Q50 will come with Direct Adaptive Steering technology, which allows the driver to choose exactly how the wheel will feel in his hands. This technology lets drivers choose both the weight and response of steering through the Infiniti Drive Mode Selector on the touchscreen panel.

The system comes with 4 preset modes, but drivers can also customize the settings. Make the steering smooth and light for easy maneuvering, or make the steering firm for driving challenging roads.

The Direct Adaptive Steering technology works by transferring electronically the driver's input to the front wheels. "A high response actuator drives the steering track." The system eliminates mechanical losses causing faster steering response and less vibration in the steering wheel.

This technology also comes with Active Lane Control which stops you from drifting out of your lane automatically.

I can't wait to try out this technology and feel the difference between each of the different driving modes.
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