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Fellow Gearheads,

So what is Hagane? Wiktionary says it's Japanese for Steel. Okay, Japanese Steel Blue.

Anyway, picked it up Saturday, after we spent the day test driving: Lexus IS 250 & CT 200H; Honda Accord; Mercedes CLA.

The IS is very nice. Love the Neo Art Deco dash. A little tight. Didn't like the option packages (I'm choosy). Most of all, didn't like the intruding transmission hump below my right leg. This hump required a level of intimacy that I wasn't willing to partake for more than a few-minute drive. Can't believe that no review has mentioned this hump. The GS has the same problem.

The CT is just too small and slooow for this price range. Casts a pall on hybrids.

The Accord is out of its league in this price range.

The new Mercedes "Devil's Car" CLA is a bit tight, and has an ugly display screen, and dash. Don't like ugly.

The Infiniti was an afterthought. Years ago, I had tested a G35 with a 6MT. It simply had the worst clutch engagement of any I had driven. I was convinced that Infiniti was trying to kill off MTs, and has nearly done so. I then bought a 2006 BMW 330i (6MT, Sport, fully optioned).

We tried a G37 but my Principessa thought it was too plain. Sales convinced us to try this new Q50. The first test drive felt the car meander. It was raining, roads were worn, it had run flats, was AWD, and it had this disconcerting steer by wire system. However, the car was gorgeous inside and out. Sales showed us all the electronic frou frou, including all the babysitters.

We then tested an AWD hybrid S model. Figured that the heaviest steering setting eliminated the meandering. The sport suspension was a near match to my BMW. After flooring the hybrid, from a dead start, and being thrown back into the seat, I had to have it. WOW! But, I didn't want AWD, neither the weight penalty, nor the mileage penalty.

The nearest 2WD was 350 miles. We came to a nice deal on the car we test drove: Q50S Hybrid, Hagane Blue/Graphite, AWD, Navigation Package, all-weather mats, no electronic babysitters.

Over the weekend I spent some time learning. Noticed that the address icons got screwed up, upon assignment. Of course, I had read on this web site of the needed software update. So, I wasn't surprised when all the screens froze.

I took it back last evening. They apologized and gave me a loaner, and some Infiniti mugs. I'll pick it up tonight.

BTW, I happened to see my traded-in BMW full detailed. Wow, it was still gorgeous, but still had over 100K miles. Will I miss it? Don't think so. This car handles as well, is much quicker, should get better mileage, is roomier (except for the trunk), and only has 100 miles. YAY!

So I had to return it. Am I pissed? Want my money back? Nope! The dealer has treated me well (Porter Infiniti, Newark, Delaware). The salesman, Jeff Berryman was cordial and professional. This morning, the service manager called to apologize for the inconvenience, and to tell me they were installing the new software. (BTW, he also mentioned that there will be another update in November, for the new apps.)

I expect this car to be as reliable as my beloved 2001 Acura CL-S Type (6MT), and my current RX-350. Principessa thinks its nearly as pretty as her beloved 2000 Mercedes CK. Best of all, I like that somebody finally made a luxury hybrid with testicles.

Let's go Canes!


Update: added photo.


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Everything was good until that last statement! (FSU '67):D
Jealousy of the Hurricanes is an ugly thing. Don't let it consume you. I suggest Q50 Therapy. Go for a ride, right now.
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