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How is everyone doing? , im new to the forum. Im not that tech wiz with this lol. I work in the medical field, so go easy on me LOL. I have a 2015 q50 sport awd on 245/40/19 from facory with offset 50 all around. I put on Continental dws. I wanted to get the 20' 255/35/20 offset 40 all around q60 red sport wheels with swift springs or bc coils. To avoid transfer case issues, I thought all around diameter in awd is the way to go. Saw some pictures on the group, looks great!

I found some nice vossen vsf5 staggered wheels/tires for sale in great condition.

20×9 offset 32 245/35/20 michellin pilot super sports

20x10.5 offset 45 275/30/20

Will this be ok, or I need 285/30/20 for equal diameter and have 0% change. I read on fitment industries you should have no more than 1% in diameter from front and rear on awd, and other sites. Pretty much, I don't want to have issues with the AWD and its system, I purchased the elite warranty. So I wouldn't want to in the future have problems, if they arise and be denied due to the wheels.

Will the ride be stiff as heck, I live in Jersey, so we already have bad roads to begin with.
Or should I just keep on looking for a 20x9 wheels with 255/35/20 all around.

If you had a choice, if price was the same to purchase. Will you go either get the Q60 red sport AWD wheels with the 255/35/20 or this Vossen VSF5 setup?

441 - 441 of 441 Posts