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Hello, man!
Have you completed this setup? How is the fitment?
I have Gram Lights with similar spec 18x9.5j +38, but currently running them on 255/40/18 - tyres looks pretty small, and I don't want lower my car. I'm thinking to go with 265/40 or 275/40.
If you have completed your setup I'll appreciate if you send me some fitment photos.

*Sorry if my english is broken :)
I had 265/40, +35 on my RS. Sorry Pill, they came back to life.


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IMO for this spec you should lower car a bit, because you have smaller outer tire radius.
So I'm interested in 275 width on 9.5j +38 offset.
Maybe @jodedor may help me
it is 2mm further than my setup.

i have a youtube video for a 275 setup walkaround. the channel is in my signature.
881 - 883 of 883 Posts