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2018 Q50 3.0T LUXE AWD
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Bought the JB4 2nd hand from classified a few months back and haven't really been watching the logs or anything. Please don't give me **** about it, I was just rolling with it. Usually had it on Map 2all the time and do some pulls here and there.

Vehicle running on 93 with only a Mishimoto HX and ADDW1 catch can. (Waiting on my Fast Intentions catback and LDP)

So the graph shows Map 0, JB4 disabled. Then I switch to Map 2. Sorry it's both on 1 graph. I stopped after the 1st pull to hopefully close the 1st graph and then the 2nd pull would be on a totally new graph but it put them together. Still new to this. Fuel Wires were disabled but they are installed. The big throttle dip is where I came to a complete stop and switched maps

I'll take a lil **** for being in incompetent for using the JB4 without properly understanding it 🙂

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