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PHX area Q50 MeetUp

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Alright guys, so I go to the car show every saturday in the East valley at the pavilions. IT IS EVERY Saturday. I used to bring my GTI there, and it would get tons of love. I went there this last Saturday, and people were staring at my Q50. Want to start getting a group together so we can all meet up around the same time, and start carving out a little area for us. Let me know if anyone is interested
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I'm down.

I can bring my Hybrid Sport. Do you think the Q50 will attract much attention? People seem to love the rods, customs and sports cars. Not so sure about the stock Q50.
Ah my q50s not stock anymore, and after 8 all the older cars go and that's when all the younger crowed comes in with the European and Japanese imports and all that
I have found a group of mostly STI's and some GTI's and a couple imports here and there. I got a LOT of love for my q50, so if anyone would like to come, send me a PM. We meet in the West Valley, usually hangout all parked, talk for an hour or so, check out cars, and then go on a hour or two cruise. Usually about 15 cars, but is growing every sunday. If your interested send me a PM.
I'm also in Phoenix, though can't say I have been to the Pavillions in years. Gets a little tougher as we get older. I am curious to see other Q50's and talk to other owners to see what they have in mind. I will have to upload some images of mine here soon. Maybe I'll swing by Pavillions one Saturday.
I keep forgetting about this.

I was just in Phoenix this past Saturday and I was looking for things to check out. I'll have to see what this car show is about one of these days.
Yea man, pretty cool to go to, hit me up next time you make your way over here, plan a meet up at the pavilions or something
Def. down for this. Anyone local to the West Valley?
In the chandler area, never been to the pavillions, is that still going on? Is that in Scottsdale? Lemme know!!
In the chandler area, never been to the pavillions, is that still going on? Is that in Scottsdale? Lemme know!!
It's in Scottsdale on the other side of the 101 off Indian Bend where Talking Stick is. I've driven by there and there's always a million cops.

Good to see another Q50 on here in PHX!!
Awesome, seen it before in the afternoon with all of the classic cars out there. I'll have to get out there then!
Hi - I saw on the Q50 forum that you have (or had) a hybrid sport. I'm also in Phoenix. Would you mind telling me where you get your car worked on? I'm looking for a private (non-dealership) shop. Thanks! -Matt
Im in...I live in the north valley and go to pav's often..
Are these Meets still a thing?
I know it’s 2019 and this post was made back in
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